J. Anthony Kosar

J. ANTHONY KOSAR is an award-winning artist who specializes in Fine Art, Sculpture, Illustration, and Make-up FX through his company Kosart Studios, LLC. He interned in 2007 at Stan Winston Studio, creating effects for INDIANA JONES 4 and AVATAR. In 2008, Kosar became Valedictorian at the American Academy of Art in Chicago, IL, earning his BFA in Illustration. Since then, he has been creating FX for theater, film, commercials, and print. He also designs and sculpts prototypes for toys, masks, and collectibles; illustrates for novels and comic books; and creates fine art paintings and sculptures.

Kosar curates the highly anticipated MALEFICIUM Dark Art Exhibitions at Kosart Gallery, and also teaches at Kosart Atelier: School for Entertainment Arts. In 2013, Kosar became the FACE OFF Season 4 Champion, winning 6 of 11 Spotlight Challenges, setting the record of most consecutive wins in a row and most wins by a single contestant on a single season.

His work has appeared in SPLASH 13; SPECTRUM 19,20, and 22; Fangoria; Variety; Rue Morgue; Entertainment Weekly; and Sci Fi. He was one of the judges for SPECTRUM 21, and has been juried into the IX 6 & 8 Main Show.

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