Lisa French

Lisa French is a professional illustrator, studio artist and educator. Her studio work involves oil media primarily, and she presents wildlife subject matter as anthropomorphized allegory, with special attention to theatrical lighting, anatomical structure, and illusionistic rendering. Her practice includes regular figure drawing and painting, occasional work with intaglio, and growing interest in landscape painting. In addition to painting, she is enthusiastic about experimentation with new trends in conceptual toy theater, object performance, puppetry, and stop motion animation.

For illustration, Lisa uses both traditional and digital media, primarily for advertising, packaging, publishing and collateral purposes. She specializes in figurative, anatomical/medical, zoological and botanical subjects rendered with convincing realism. She is a member of the New York Society of Illustrators and her work has been included in several Annual Exhibitions and Traveling Exhibitions, earning a Silver Medal in Illustration 43. She has been included in more than 15 SILA exhibitions, twice a Gold Medal winner and three times a juror. And her work has repeatedly appeared in Communication Arts Annuals and other professional design/illustration magazines.

Lisa has taught Illustration as full-time faculty at several top schools, including Ringling College of Art & Design, California State University Long Beach, and University of Art College of Art & Design and as Illustration Program Director at New England School of Art & Design at Suffolk University.


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