Mike Ratera

Born in Barcelona on July 14, 1960, Ratera studied at the Massana School of Fine Arts in Barcelona. Beginning in 1983, he organized workshops of "comic book techniques" in Spain: Barcelona, ‚Äč‚ÄčOviedo, Logroño, Lanzarote, Ponferrada, Avilés, ...
Three years later, he was hired as a professor of comics techniques (script, cutting, drawing, character creation, etc.) at the Joso Comic Strip School in Barcelona.
Co-founder of the magazine "Zero Comics", he works on many series including "Mortadelo y Filemón", "El botones Sacarino", "Los muertos son malos amantes", "Broadway" and produces numerous illustrations for various Spanish and international magazines "Rambla", "El Víbora", "Diari de Barcelona", "Makoki", "Creepy", "Comix Internacional", "Bronx" ...
He did not forget his first objective and published Supersoldiers (Marvel UK, 1993), Hunter (La Plaga, 1995), Hamrarm (Glénat Spain, 1995), Conan the Conqueror - Walls of Worclaw (Marvel Italy, 1996), Witchfinder ( Planeta de Agostini, 1997-2000). But it was in France that he rediscovered the pleasure of drawing, more time for better quality, first at Semic on Kabur and King Kabur and finally at Soleil for Bad Legion on the screenplay by Tackian and Miquel.

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