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July 2018 Banner (Banner image: THE LONG WAY HOME (detail), by John Harris)

Voyaging through Space and Time, witnessing and recording in Drawings and Paintings the Wonders found Among the Stars.

A Personal Note

In these early years of the 21st Century, it has become clear to us all that our time is running out. Man has a bad habit of spoiling the nest and Mother Earth is not limitless.

Considering our history and a casual glance at our way of being, and from where we have come, it seems a miracle that we have survived thus far. Greedy and wasteful, we seem bent on self-destruction. We might want to blame evolution which has encouraged such characteristics in the past in order to survive. This may have been so, but now those times have passed, and we can no longer afford to indulge in them.

We are, however, an immensely creative species; ingenious, energetic, imaginative and inventive.  When we use our imagination in a creative way, those very characteristics which appear to be responsible for our problems, can be transformed into life-supporting forces. All we need is the will, the ability to grow in our skills of co-operation, and to look after Mother Earth and all her children. In short, to be the stewards of this beautiful place, until such time as we have made ourselves fit  to be the stellar voyagers we were meant to be, and drift like dandelion seeds into the unknown.

I have spent more than half a century creating images from my imagination which reflect many of my feelings of wonder and awe, when I consider the future, and the mystery of this extraordinary time in which we find ourselves. I see my work as the contemplation of possible futures and it feels as if I've been a traveller through them. 

 --- John Harris, 2018





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