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The matrix of the universe is on a collision course. Dreamers are now the tillers of an impoverished soil. The fading

sounds of nature whisper in the winds to a deaf, dystopian society filled with apathy. The rapid rate at which humanity

consumes without thought, violates innocence, and pushes biodiversity to the limit of catastrophe has forged a path

towards extinction. The lines and frequencies of empathy are jammed by a digital society that is embedded in concrete,

putting our entire planet, civilization and ecosystems at risk for the sake of greed. The urgency is to awaken our minds,

before our time is up.

The drawings and paintings in this exhibition explore moments caught in time that show glimpses of climate change, wars,

revolution, poverty, and endangered species. Profits rule the world while real prophets are hardly seen. In my narratives, I

use the ancient Greek archetype of pathos, a quality that evokes pity, melancholy and sadness, as a wake-up call. The

Monarch, which represents the mysteries of the soul, love, death and rebirth, is a symbol of transition and hope that I

have used in my work for the last 20 years. The monarch has the ability to lead us out of the darkness, confinement and

restraints of oppression and into the light.

When I was in Pompeii and Naples Italy, I had the opportunity to study the ancient mosaic of “The Leveler” from 30 BCE,

which presents the Hellenistic story of death as the great leveler who cancels out all differences of wealth and class. The

level with a plumb line and a weight is portrayed as a skull, and below it a butterfly represents the soul. Below that

butterfly is a wheel that represents fortune. The piece is a great juxtaposition of empathy and apathy and demonstrates

how death is the great equalizer in our world.


January 2019 Banner

MEMENTO MORI - THE LEVELER; Napoli, Museo Archeologico Nazionale di Napoli


The butterfly is used as both metaphor and symbol in my work, representing change, transformation, death, rebirth, and

life. In this series of butterfly portraits, I am earnest in my intent to capture the ethereal, softly sensual beauty and

melancholy grace of these strong women and martyrs for change. Their stories are captured as a frozen moment in time.

The paintings and portraits in this exhibition emphasize and enhance the intrinsic drama, beauty, and timelessness of the

human form. They also capture the struggle of inequality inherent in the human condition.

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