Thomas Haller Buchanan

Very early in his career, Buchanan trained as a combat artist in the U.S. Army and as an assistant illustrator in a busy full service commercial art studio, learning to be fast, flexible and detailed — with lessons he’s retained to this day.

He has authored two books showcasing his current artwork and recently has been the subject of a PBS documentary film relating his efforts to course-correct his art career to a higher level. His work at this point is heavily influenced with an early 20th century fantasy aesthetic, liking to work in a drawing medium, incorporating realism with texture and design. He has several new books in the works.

He is commissioned internationally for portraits, paintings and drawings, many times for site-specific installation in homes, hotels, restaurants and theme parks.

He co-founded Haller-Buchanan Studio to design and create exhibits, murals and educational projects for children and adults — for museums, visitor centers, corporations and trade shows — all the while producing illustration art for advertising, editorial, institutional and multi-media clients. He is a long-term art provider for Denver Museum of Nature and Science exhibits— from Chinese, Egyptian and Native American cultures as subjects, to dinosaurs and space technology.

Thom has illustrated a vast array of subjects and concepts, but he especially enjoys rendering images of people, celebrating their beauty and character.

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